Filter Elements for Oil and Emulsion Mist

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Pleated Filter Cartridges and Filter Panels For Separation Of Oil Mist, Emulsion Mist Rsp. Aerosols

Types of Filter Elements 
The separation of oil mist, emulsion mist rsp. aerosols is possible with pleated filter cartridges and filter panels. Both, cartridges and panels can be supplied in all standard sizes. Customer engineered models are available on request.

Filter Media Filtration is possible by two different systems. The filtration process is distinguished by the filter medium.

In one case the medium is polyester needle felt with a special PTFE coating on the filter side. The coated polyester needle felt can be used as well in filter cartridges as in filter panels. The filter elements can be cleaned. The cleaning is supported by jet pulses.

The other way is to filter with a medium consisting of various layers of filter media. This medium can only be used in filter cartridges. The cartridges are not cleanable.

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